Most of our posts are usually pretty full-on so here are a trio of some of the more laidback numbers I've been listening to of late...

This very short song is from New Yorkers The Duke and The King. I was lucky enough to catch them twice in my hometown a few weeks ago as they arrived for the Kilkenny Rhythm and Roots festival. I don't know too much about Americana, but I know I like these guys. If you're looking for something different that bridges the gaps between Dylan, Fleetwood Mac and Sly and The Family Stone, then try catch them on tour.

The Duke and The King - I've Been Bad

Next up is from one of my all-time favourite duos - Bent. They are possibly the finest chill-out producers going, and in my mind, are only really rivalled by Air. Unfortunately, they've only ever had an underground following, with no real mainstream success apart from soundtracking ads for drinks companies. Sample some of their unique and quirky music videos here and buy the 'Best Of'...

Bent - Always

And one more for the mini-playlist... Boardwalk Theme by Desolation Wilderness. A bit of an unknown band here, and this type of surfer-psychedelic rock might not be everyones cup of green tea, but picture yourself soaking up the sun on the US west coast, brewsky in one hand, beautiful babe in another and sand crackled speakers pumping out this reverb-heavy melody...

Desolation Wilderness - Boardwalk Theme


Jay-Z meets Phoenix

Following the underground and mainstream successes of Danger Mouses Grey Album and Linkin Parks Collision Course, there has seemed to be a neverending stream of mash-ups using acapellas from Jay-Z's Black Album over the past few years. I usually try to steer clear of most of them, but this one put together by Dutchman Don Diablo is a real gem.


Don Diable vs Phoenix vs Jay-Z - 99 Fences