The Weeknd make it ok to like R'n'B!

Toronto group The Weeknd have generated a lot of hype with their free mixtape 'House of Balloons' which charts the tricky waters between Burial's nocturnal atmospheres and a sinister kind of R. Kelly sleaze but the results are compelling.

The inventive source material is what initially makes this album stand out from the crowd, as is the case with the Siouxsie and the Banshees-sampling title track below.

Download the album 'House of Balloons' here.

The Weeknd - House Of Balloons/Glass Table Girls by snipelondon

The Weeknd - The Morning by The_Weeknd

Booker T Jones :: 'Representing Memphis'

60s soul veteran Booker T. Jones is enjoying something of a second career at the moment. His new album, 'The Road from Memphis' comes out next month and features guest appearances by with The Roots, Lou Reed, and most interestingly, a duet between soul singer Sharon Jones and Matt Berninger of The National. The two very different voices compliment each other in a surprisingly effortless way and Booker T's classic organ sound fills in the gaps nicely.

Booker T. Jones - Representing Memphis (feat. Matt Berninger and Sharon Jones) by antirecords


and Digitalism are back...

2011 is already shaping up to be a comeback year; alongside Lykke Li, Justice, and PB&J, Digitalism have also announced that their sophomore long player, I Love You Dude, will be out this June. Its clear that the microKorg is still very much in use down in their WWII bunker in Hamburg, though Jens seems to have worked on his English pronunciation. Stream and download below.

2 Hearts by digitalism_official

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Tune in next week for another 2011 comeback...



It's hard to believe its 5 years, 2 albums and 18 million views since Peter, Bjorn and John produced their mainstream masterpiece Young Folks, but the sixth installment from the Swedish trio builds on the wizardry of almost a decade's worth of work. RAC put their subtle stamp on Second Chance, the first release from Gimme Some, and boy does it deliver.

Download below: