I Like Country.

Caitlin Rose stood at the alter last night in Kilkenny and converted me; I love country. Like Homer discovering Lurleen, I was completely mesmerized by this wee Tennessee marvel. Her voice, personality, strumming and lyrics captivated me throughout her 70 minute set and has started me on a path into the unknown abyss of country music. Her album received album of the week in The Sunday Times a fortnight ago, coupled with a very very rare and much coveted, but thoroughly deserved, 5 stars - I've had it on repeat since 10am this morning. Buy it and you too will see the light - unfortunately 'Will You Bunk With Me' didn't make the cut!

Buy her album here, myspace here, and official site here

Catch her in the next two days in Ireland:

Crawdaddy, Dublin - Tonight (23rd Aug)
Cypress Avenue, Cork - Tomorrow (24th Aug)


Gamble & Burke

A modern day Hall & Oates meets an unpolished Chromeo meets a synthesized WHAM! If that ticks all the right boxes for you, then get a load of this pool-side beauty. The song is best consumed along with the video which is priceless; rinky-dink models, champagne poppin' and cheesy moves from Daniel Burke and Kaz Gamble. I just hope there is more to come.

Myspace here, official site here, facebook here