Young Montana? :: Limerence LP

It may be the most superfluous question mark since Jonatton Yeah? graced our screens but UK producer Young Montana? is making some damn good beats at the moment. His debut album Limerence is out now and is getting a lot of attention from the likes of BBC's Mary-Anne Hobbs. Like Manchester beat-maker Star Slinger, though less prolific (who could keep up with him?!), Young Montana? dips into in the same post-J Dilla pallette of sounds but with a restless tendency to chop and twist them for his own amusement. Head on over to his Soundcloud page for some of his remix work.

Young Montana: Sacre Cool by ALPHA PUP

Young Montana? - 'Limerence' Album Sampler <<< OUT NOW by Young Montana?

Broken Social Scene cover Modest Mouse

I saw Broken Social Scene playing a cover of Modest Mouse classic World At Large on stage a few weeks back and then this interesting video surfaced of a live studio recording of the song for charity video series The Voice Project. BSS give the song some breathing space, faithfully letting the quality of the original song shine through while still putting their own stamp on it with the saxophone and simple percussion.

Broken Social Scene » Modest Mouse from The Voice Project on Vimeo.